your personal guide to insomnia


UI/UX, Motion Design


Spring 2018 - 12 weeks


School project


insomnia can mean more than just missing a good night's sleep

Around 1 in 3 people suffer from mild to chronic insomnia symptoms every evening. This leaves more than 60 million Americans not only sleepy, but also emotionally, mentally, and physically taxed throughout their day.

Majority of sleep-related current applications focus on tracking instead of education, leaving users without an accesible, engaging way to learn about  their issues with sleep and how to fix them.


snews teaches people young and old about insomnia in a simple, educational experience in order to improve sleep and overall health.


Key features


Breaking the insomnia process into individual steps will help users absorb information despite insomnia’s ambiguity. The flow of information will mimic actual insomnia diagnosis, beginning with recognition and ending with treatment.

Engaging interactions

Having the user interact with the information they are being presented with will create a more memorable experience. This is especially important to help younger audiences learn the material and keep them interested in the app.

Relaxed mood

The symptoms of insomnia can be very stressful for both those who have it and the people who support them. Creating a calm, inviting environment for users to learn in is key to make sure that they are not stressed further by the situation.

Guiding character

Insomnia can be tough to face on your own, so having a welcoming, bouncy character to guide users is an important feature. The character will help lighten the mood when discussing stressful topics such as the symptoms of insomnia.


Because insomnia can be very stressful and confusing, I wanted to the mood to be calm, inviting, and friendly. The app should be a space for users to relax and open themselves to improving their health.


Information archetecture

The app is a very simple, streamline experience: users go through pages exploring the different aspects of insomnia, from duration to treatment. Each page has activities and information that allow them to interact with the material.


Final Visual Design

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causes copy 2
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