a sleek, portable way to manage your home


Mobile UI/UX, Interaction Design


Spring 2017 - 6 weeks


School project


Castelo allows you to manage your home from on-the-go

Castelo is a smart home app that allows users to ensure their home is safe and functioning efficiently.

Users will be able to control and monitor several aspects of their home by using smart devices connected to the application.

Researched Features

After performing research on other popular smart home applications, such as Nest and EcoBee3, I discovered several popular trends that users had a tendency to look for in a smart home experience.

Real-time monitoring

Having cameras provide users with current footage of their home can assure them that their house is safe and easily alert them when it is not. This way users can leave their home and still have the ability to keep an eye on family, pets, and other concerns when they are away.


Scheduling allows users to maintain certain aspects of their home, such as temperature settings and lock status, without the need to manually make changes themselves everyday. This helps homes become more energy efficient and reduces repetive user input.

Smart device control

Smart home apps accompany other smart devices that help users control all of their home, including locks, lights, cameras, thermostats, etc. Being able to manage all of these devices from one application creates a mainstream home-management system.



Because of the multitude of features that smart homes typically have, from video monitoring to temperature control, overall users need simplistic visual designs. Simple, easy layouts are necessary for applications like these as they involve security measures that users may need to access quickly in case of an emergency.

Rewarding interactions

People have the tendency to feel more connected with appplications when interactions mimic real life actions: flicking switches, turning dials, etc. Having these design and motion choices make users feel as if they are home and physically performing these tasks, making them feel closer to the experience.


Managing your smart home should be an easy, rewarding experience. With an intuitive interface that allows for simple navigation and division of tasks, Castelo will allow home owners to manage their household with ease. Interactions will be satisfying so that users will feel rewarded when taking care of their home.


Viewing your Home

Castelo provides inutuitive navigation so that users may access information from the entire household to the smallest room quickly.

Homescreen Overview

Provides users with live updates from each of the main rooms of their home. Rooms can be tapped on to show information for that specific space.

Artboard 10

Room Settings

Display temperature and lights in a given room. Users can side scroll through lights to pick specific ones to turn on and off.

Sidebar Navigation

Allows the user to access all main features from every page. Includes short-term features such as rooms and locks and long-term features such as scheduling and setting history.


Simple Interactions

To mimic the feeling of being at home, several interactions to change settings act like their real-life counterparts.

Light Dimmer

By holding the light on/off switch, users are able to adjust the brightness with a slider.

Door Lock

The lock button animates when pressed to simulate actual locks being opened or closed.

Planning ahead

With an incorporated scheduling system, users can manage their smart home devices to create long-term consistancy in how their home is run.


Scheduling System

Users can create one time or repeating events to control their smart devices. Events are organized by date and can be edited or deleted at any time.

Final Visual Design

Artboard 10

Mobile Design Interaction

I created an interaction flow that went through some of the major sections of the app. It shows section transitions, button interactions, and the simplicity of going from one function to the next.

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