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Mobile UI/UX, Brand Experience Design


Fall 2018 - 3 weeks


School project, BMW Financial Services

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Beyond the Drive™  strives to provide BMW owners with the best ownership experience

Beyond the Drive helps build customer loyalty and upkeeps customer satisfaction by going beyond the rate and revealing the unseen benefits of membership.

When purchasing a custom BMW from Germany though, customers are currently not brought into the process. They feel disconnected from their vehicles as they make their 6 week journey home. Immediately after investing in the brand, they are thrown out of loop, left on their own, and therefore become disconnected with both their purchase and the company.


A mobile app that allows new BMW owners to track their vehicle, follow its manufacturing, and learn and sign off on offers from BMW Financial Services. By allowing users to track and educate themselves on their BMW, they will strenghten their relationship with the brand and feel more secure about their purchase long-term.


Welcome to Journey

The onboarding experience begins as soon as the user purchases their new custom vehicle. Through email integration and a personalized onboarding sequence, users will understand what the app can provide for them on their Journey.

Jump right in

The user is onboarded through email and greeted by name throughout their personalized experience. The app is downloaded through a "smart link" that automatically signs into the app once opened.

iPhone with Gmail app open. Email from BMW services confirming purchase of new vehicle and showing link to BMW app

Simple onboarding

The onboarding experience begins by showing the user their new vehicle and quickly summarizing the benefits and features of the app.

BMW app, greets user by name and welcomes them
onboard 2
onboard 3
home Midway

Stay updated

Users can navigate through each week of the journey to see its progress. They will be able to view their vehicle's current and upcoming destination, learn more about the events that happen along the way, and partake in the financial promotions available to them.

Follow the Journey

The homepage adjusts to whatever step your vehicle is on in its journey, from manufacturing, traveling on land, to sailing overseas.

home Manufacture
home Midway
home Seabound

Your BMW in depth

Review more details about your vehicle and its journey, including a 360 view of your car's unique design and features.

car overview
task Overview 2

Protect and enhance your BMW

Browse and sign off on promotions from BMW Financial Services to better ensure your vehicle is safe and running at its best. Offers are split into weekly sections so users can gradually view them over time.

The benefits of membership

Users are positively encouraged to complete these offers throughout the journey, reducing physical paperwork and the time until they are able to bring their BMW home.

engage Offer
finish Offer

Notified at every step

Users can turn on push notifications for events and location changes so they can stay updated about their BMW in real time.

Just image

Journey provides a way for new BMW owners to feel connected to their vehicle and the BMW experience.

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